Terms of Service

Updated at: 2022-12-26.

GO URL (go.hype.studio) is owned by THE HYPE GROUP LIMITED, doing business as HYPE or HYPE STUDIO from its principal place of business in HONG KONG, hereinafter “the Service Provider”.

The Service Provider operates the Website and is responsible for the proper provision of the Website’s Electronic Services. In addition to the Service Provider, the Website features Customers, i.e. third parties independent of the Service Provider who can use the Website’s Electronic Services via the Website.

Personal data processed on the Website to implement the provisions hereof is administered by the Service Provider. Such personal data is processed for the purposes, for the duration, and based on the principles and rules specified in the privacy statement published on the Website. Among other things, the privacy statement lays down how personal data is processed by the Administrator on the Website, including the framework, purposes, and processing duration of personal data and the rights of data subjects, as well as informs on what cookies and analytical tools are used on the Website. Use of the Website is voluntary. Disclosure of personal data by the Website’s user is also voluntary, save for the exceptions indicated in the policy statement (signing the contract and the Service Provider’s statutory obligations).